Cleaning Your Carpets

Our powerful hot water extraction machine and the latest, eco friendly cleaning products will get  your carpets and rugs looking like new. We are able to remove most spots and stains from tea  and coffee to ink and much more. Our two high speed air blowers can get your carpet dried faster  so that you can make the most of your fresh carpets more quickly. Call us today to see what we  can achieve for you. 

Fresh carpets are key to a comfortable, clean family home and at Clean & Bright we aim to get  your carpets looking and feeling as new as the day they were fitted. A typical visit from us will  consist of: 

1) Walk-through of areas to be cleaned, taking notes of any areas of concern (stains, heavily  soiled areas etc) 

2) Pre-treatment of carpet (where necessary) to loosen and break-down dirt 3) Hot water extraction cleaning of carpets using our powerful machine. 

4) Treatment of stains where possible – whilst we can remove most stains and marks, there are  some that, through a combination of age and type of stain, we might not be able to tackle. We  will of course advise you what is achievable. 

5) Where appropriate we use our two high-speed air blowers to dry your carpet in a fraction of  the time of others. 

6) Final walk-through with customer to ensure total satisfaction. 

Why not protect your carpet to make that just cleaned feeling last even longer? We offer fabric  protection to help reduce soiling and prevent stains from setting in.